360 Bullet

New Ripper Point Improves Access to Soil Nutrients   On Sale 5% 

360 Bullet fractures more soil with similar horsepower and fuel.

Today's rippers do a good job of leaving the soil surface smooth and level. But below the surface there's a problem. Remove the loose soil on top and you'll see mounds of undisturbed soil that can create a bumpy ride for the planter and, what's worse, limit root penetration and access to nutrients.

360 BULLET points do more work with hardly any additional time, horsepower or fuel. In a series of half-mile trials in various soil types, with the same tractor and ripper, the 360 BULLET took less than 5% longer to finish and was within 0.2 MPH pulling speed of traditional ripper points.

Key Features

  • Eliminating undisturbed berms provides unrestricted root access to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and water
  • Wings lift and fracture across the the entire soil profile
  • Aerodynamic design maintains similar horsepower requirements, compared to traditional ripper points
  • Precision wing angle and pitch lifts soil without creating compaction under wing
  • Rugged fabricated design withstands impacts
  • Hardfacing and cast nose caps increase wear life

The streamlined shape and wide wings of the 360 BULLET ripper points generate a mini-earthquake that fractures from point to point, loosening the full soil profile for improved root penetration. 360 BULLET provides the strength and wear resistance needed to withstand extreme conditions.


Below the surface, traditional ripper points leave 8" to 10" berms of tight, collapsed soil. When roots hit these, they funnel to bottom of the trench, which is closed by the smear left by traditional ripper points.


Compare the washboard pattern created by traditional ripper points in the photo on the left with the fully fractured soil profile from the 360 BULLET above. The berms are gone and serve as a smooth transition for roots to move down to the subsoil's moisture reserves.


Time Trials

  360 Bullet OEM
Average Pass Time 4:17 4:15
Average Speed 5.8 MPH 5.8 MPH

* Results shown are from preliminary testing only.

360 Bullet Ripper Points are Available for: 

  • Case IH 870, 875, 530, 730, MRX 690, 527B, and 9300 ripper models
  • John Deere 512, 2700, 2720, and 2730 ripper models
  • Landoll 2410 & 2430 ripper models
  • Kuhn Krause Dominator 4850 and 4855 ripper models
  • DMI 527B, 530, 730, and 9300 ripper models


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