360 Y-Drop

$1,500 Y-Drop rebate form Nov 1st - Jan 4th. $750 Y-Drop rebate from Jan 5th - May 16th. $500 Y-Drop Sidress Rebate available. Additional discounts may apply.

Provide the Right Amount of Nitrogen When and Where Your Crop Needs It

360 Y-DROP gives you more control over when and where you apply nitrogen.

Corn demands different amounts of nitrogen throughout the growing season, with 75% of N used after V10. That’s why a split-application of N is so important. By feeding your crop later in the season, you can supply N at the time your corn needs it most, capitalizing on yield potential.

Never before has the sidedress window been so wide, so you can split-apply N without worry. 360 Y-DROP gives you flexibility and control for timing midseason N application — from V6 to VT — a window of more than 30 days.

Key Features

  • Provides precision placement of liquid N as well as other nutrients such as Sulfur and Potassium
  • Newly designed shield sits above the base unit to keep leaves from wrapping on the riser or hoses
  • New narrow-row design with four-position adjustable arms, allowing for precision placement from 15-inch to 36-inch corn rows
  • Variable rate nozzles available so you can ensure the right rate, right time and right placement of N
  • New breakaway mounting brackets allow for easier navigation across hills and uneven terrain

Nutrients are placed right along the stalk base for maximum uptake.


With the funneling effect of corn leaves, even modest precipitation or dew pushes the N to the root mass for rapid uptake.


Upgrade your coulter bar by adding 360 Y-DROP sidedress for more precise N placement and no more worn coulters or faulty bearings.


Precision Nitrogen Placement

Where N is applied is just as important as when it’s applied. With traditional sidedress methods, N is applied in the middle of the crop row — nearly 15 inches from the stalk base. And, with broadcast methods, N is applied across the entire field with little precision.

A corn plant acquires more than 60% of its N from a horizontal radius of about 7 inches from the stalk base. With 360 Y-DROP, you can apply N within 2 to 3 inches of the stalk base — that means nearly 80% of the root mass is within the 360 Y-DROP application zone. This precision placement makes a big difference. Results of 123 trials across the Midwest show an average of 10 bu/A advantage of 360 Y-DROP over coulter.

360 Y-DROP Boosts Yields by 13.8 bu/A (All Data Combined)

500 treatments across both wet and normal areas of the Midwest in 2015.

N Application Method Yield (bu/A) Number of Observations Data on File
Conventional 191 209
360 Y-DROP 204 351


Content and images provided by 360 Yield Center.