360 Y-Drop Sidedress


Improve Nitrogen Efficiency: Place N in the Root Zone for Rapid Uptake.

Convert Your Coulter Sidedress Bar and Extend Your Application Window with 360 Y-DROP.

The 360 Y-DROP® application system places liquid nitrogen at the base of the corn plant – directly above the root mass. Moisture - a heavy dew or light shower – moves the nitrogen into the soil for rapid uptake and minimal denitrification. Coulter systems put a band of nitrogen 10 to 15 inches from the root mass. That slows uptake and increases risk of loss without a significant rain.

In 2015 field tests, 360 Y-DROP applications showed a 10 bushel yield improvement over coulter application systems.

Key Features

  • Later-season nitrogen application
  • Precision nitrogen placement
  • Simple retrofit to existing coulter bar

The patented design of the 360 Y-DROP base and hose angle delivers nitrogen to the root zone providing the perfect placement for your nitrogen investment, as hoses stay at ground level and deliver nitrogen to both sides of the root zone. A heavy dew or light shower is all the moisture needed to move nitrogen into the roots for rapid uptake.


The aerodynamic base units allow 360 Y-DROP to move through the crop canopy. With the adjustable riser length, you can extend your sidedress season and take advantage of the yield gains that come from late season nitrogen application – even into V6 or V7.


The new breakaway riser offers the product protection. To protect the 360 Y-DROP base from ground impact, the system includes a magnetic breakaway riser mount. If you hit a wash or rock and the base releases from the bar mount, then immediately snaps back into position.


Wider Application Window

360 Y-DROP allows you to sidedress in taller corn. Most sidedress applicator bars have much more vertical clearance than the coulter system permits. So instead of being limited to V4 applications, you can stretch the season and gain the benefits that come from later season applications – well into V6.

Lower Maintenance Costs

If you’ve spent your winters replacing coulters and bearings, you understand the cost of maintaining a traditional sidedress bar. There are no bearings or ground engaging components on the 360 Y-DROP system, so the system is less expensive up front and much less expensive to maintain.


The 360 Y-DROP base unit is versatile. Adjustable wings allow you to quickly move from 15” to 30” rows. And a choice of fixed orifices or variable rate nozzles give you a wide range of volumes or variable rate application.

Simple Installation

The 360 Y-DROP Sidedress system is a simple retrofit to your current coulter bar. A u-bolt mount system is designed for most coulter bar sizes: 4x6, 5x7, 6x4, 6x6, 7x5, 7x7. And just swap supply hoses from your coulter system over to the quick connect fittings on the 360 Y-DROP Sidedress splitter. One supply hose feeds both sides of the 360 Y-DROP base.

Content and images provided by 360 Yield Center.