You Can Manage Your Down Force

If your root structure isn't right, there's a hidden loss in your field, and it's potentially huge. AirForce monitors the weight on the gauge wheels and responds accordingly to changing soil types and hopper weights by adjusting the pressures in your air bags. Uniform emergence and root structure, here you come.


  • With its all-in-one tank and high-duty-cycle compressor, you can take the guesswork out of down force management.
  • Add or remove force - whether it's soft or hard soil, you can manage it.

Requirements / Specifications

  • 20/20 SeedSense monitor required
  • Maximum 450 lbs applied down force
  • Minimum 200 lbs of lift from the row unit
  • Electric or hydraulic compressor options available
  • Compatible with existing air bags
  • Controls lift, down or down and lift
  • Only lift air bags on the market

Content and images provided by Precision Planting.