Clean Rows, Effortlessly, From the Cab

You need clean rows for uniform germination and higher plant counts. Clean rows need row cleaners that are adjusted continuously for every field condition. But you just don't have time to stop and individually adjust them all. CleanSweep does all the work for you, taking the headache away. As field conditions change, you can make needed adjustments using the cab-mounted controller. Create the perfect seed bed, easily, from the cab.

Requirements / Specifications

  • Optional treader wheels


  • There's a dual-action pneumatic cylinder on each row, providing you with unmatched control to make changes as conditions change.
  • Optional 3.5" treader wheels provide superior flotation in lighter soils.
  • Easy down + lift adjustments can be made from the cab. You don't have to get out of your cab for this equipment to do its job.

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