Down Force, Dominated

Bad root structure is a hidden loss. If you have too much weight on your row units, you'll get compacted roots. Too little, you'll get seeds too close to the surface. When your down force matches field conditions, that's where the magic happens. DeltaForce enables correct down force management throughout your field at every foot of every row, automatically and continuously. It includes hydraulic cylinders, plus a weigh pin that sends data to SeedSense which, in turn, controls your down force.


  • Weigh pins sense 200 times per second and the hydraulics respond
  • Each row responds to what it needs for down force. No trade offs or compromises for adjacent rows.

Requirements / Specifications

  • 20/20 SeedSense monitor required
  • Maximum 650 lbs down force
  • Minimum 450 lbs lift
  • Sub second response to localized changes
  • Integrated down and lift control
  • Always independent row control

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